Alford's Guide to Poetry

About the Manuscript
Alford’s Guide to Poetry offers readers a new way of reading and studying poetry by combining writing instruction, autobiography and philosophy (based on the writings of Nietzsche and specifically on his philosophy of anti-pity). 

Pass Manchac, La.

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Look, the truth is not always pretty; sometimes, it is
sweaty pores, damp skin and apertures

But Isn’t life hard enough? Beauty is so rare.

What if I told you, you could take this air going
hard against your face, this firmamental adhesive
that has scraped up all the skittish cumulous: dim
Connemara cloth, and John Wycliffe, roaring, who
gathers up the brownish water but as suddenly
dissolves in a sensitive bird. Wherever the river
quarrels, shy cormorants dive, keeping an eye out
for whiskered, smooth-skinned fish.

Intending to catch one of them, I draw up the head
of some ancient god instead.