Words & Music

In 2004, Alford began integrating music and sounds with teaching, creating innovative lessons.  He has used recordings in English Composition, American Literature, Creative Nonfiction, Creative Writing and Contemporary Black Ficton.

The following recordings were created using FutureDecks pro, Cubase LE 4 andMixMeister Fusion software.

Poem: Utopia

Student Play

This recording  was produced by students in English Composition 101.

Students worked in groups of four, but each student was responsible for his or her own production.

Group members provided characters/actors and written/peer critiques.

A short essay accompanied the play.  The essay connected an essay type such as "exploration" or "description" to the play.

Three writing assignments came out of this one lesson: 

   The play
   The peer critique
   and the short explanatory essay.

The play also included vocabulary words.

Mixed Using

Ultramagnetic MC's Break North
Hank Lazer's Days 18
& Lazer-gun Sound Effects
Ultramagnetic Mc's
New York Hip Hop revolutionaries Ced-Gee, Kool Keith, Moe Luv and T.R. Love, colletively know as Ultramagnetic Mc's, dropped their freewheeling, forward thinking Critical Beatdown in 1988 where it immediately pushed the boundaries of hip hop into new horizons. Hailed as a masterpiece by the underground, Critical Beatdown, showcased a unique rhyming approach and innovative production work that remains to this day--a timeless classic.
Mfd. For BMG Direct
Hank Lazer
in 2001, Inge Bruggeman of INK-A! Press published a fine press artist's book SIMPLE HARMONIC MOTIONS consisting of eight poems and performing them with the Alabama Poetry Ensemble. The book won first place for artists' books at the Northwest Bookfest. In 2002, Lavender Ink published the complete DAYS--a 160 page collection which is a laboratory space for experimentation with the resources and possibilities of the short line and for new modes of lyricism. Lyn Hejinian calls Days "a book filled with joy." Norman Fischer writes that "these are beautiful--and peaceful--poems, signs of a mind and hand immediate with its materials."