Cat's Whiskers are Zero Percent Carb

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In 2009, I started working at the University of South Alabama as an AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Since becoming a trainer and fitness instructor, I have worked at several health clubs and currently work at North Cypress Health and Fitness in Hammond. As part of my job, I write a weekly humor column for the Hammond Daily Star which covers fitness and health issues. I would like to turn these articles into a book.

Mind and Body are one. Consequently, I have always promoted the importance of good health and critical thinking. Whether in the gym or in the classroom, the well-being of my students is foremost. 
In addition to teaching English, I have been designing, choreographing and leading group fitness classes for a decade.

Smart Failure

An Article Excerpt

Recently, I picked up one of my cat’s whiskers from the floor and got to wondering about its nutritional quality. Are cats’ whiskers protein, carbohydrate or fat, and how many calories do they contain? Out of curiosity, I input “cats’ whiskers” into a diet and nutrition application. It turns out that cats’ whiskers contain zero fat and zero carbs. They’re nearly pure insoluble fiber with some protein, which would make them an excellent food. However, I suspect that they don’t have much of a taste. Nevertheless, I have seen toddlers eat them and several other things that most of us would either smash with a shoe or toss in the trash....
The same quality that makes a good personal trainer and coach is the same needed in teaching. It's all about motivation, finding what motivates a student or client and getting that commitment.

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